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Financial Aid

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Financial Assistance for Indigent Candidates

If you have indicated interest in our August Bootcamp, and you are interested in receiving financial aid through a loan, grant, any of our partners, or other third-party sponsor, there are a couple of things you are to be aware of:

  • You will pay the standard tuition with respect to our introductory promo offer, which is N250,000 (and not the up-front discounted fee of N200,000).
  • To reserve your spot in the program, you will need to be approved for your scholarship,loan or grant. Where it is a Partial Scholarship/grant, you will be required to pay your deposit/balance payment (not covered by scholarship/grant). Until you are approved and payment made, your spot is not reserved.

dipoleDIAMOND Scholarship

One of our partners, dipoleDIAMOND Limited, is offering a partial scholarship to qualified but indigent candidates who have indicated interest to participate in our August Bootcamp. Please NOTE that the application is done free-of-charge. If you are interested, apply HERE.

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